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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Find Employment: A Checklist for 3L's and 4LE's

1. Don't wait until May to start looking for a job!
- Half of the 2008 New England Law graduates were employed before graduation.
- 90% of the 2008 graduating class who sought employment secured positions within nine months of graduation or pursued an LL.M.

2. Get referrals from mentors, family & friends.
At least 1/2 of all positions are obtained by informal means!
- Bar Associations and CLE Courses
- Professors
- Alumni (Check the "Networking" section in RPC and use
- CSO Panels and Other New England Law Programs

3. Conduct informational interviews.
Informational interviews lead to referrals!
- Contact NEL|B Alumni
- Contact Undergrad Alumni
- Contact Lawyers in Your Practice Area

4. Keep a list of everyone you contact.
Include their contact information, dates of contact, and a list of what you sent and when.

5. Start working now.
Gaining substantive experience always helps!
- Strengthen your Practical Legal Skills
- Improve your Confidence
- Build your Resume
- Add to your Professional Network!

6. Check the JobNet 1 -2 times a week.
As of September 9, 2009 there are:
- 106 jobs listed for 3LD and 4LE students
- 94 jobs listed for recent graduates

7. Search other on-line job search sites.
Check popular sites such as:
- Craigslist
- USAJobs
- PSLawNet
- Email the CSO for our On-Line Job Resources Handout!

8. Start contacting employers directly.
- Find employers who do what you are interested in by using Lawyers Diary, Martindale, Lexis, or Westlaw.
- Contact them by email or mail; send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample.

9. Sign up for networking events.!
- NEL|B Events (Dean's Reception, Law Day, etc.)
- Alumni Career Forum (March Date TBA)
- Bar Association Events

10. Develop an in-the-meantime plan!
- Consider contract attorney work by researching legal temp agencies.
- Consider starting your own practice. Find a mentor who has a solo practice to advise you.

Always use three strategies for finding a job:
1. Search the JobNet & other Job Search Sites;
2. Contact Employers Directly;
3. Network, Network, Network!

And remember: We are here to help! Schedule an appointment with a counselor in the Career Services Office to go over your personal job search strategy today.

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