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Friday, September 11, 2009

Clerkship Statistics in US News & World Report

It was recently brought to our attention that US News & World Report published a story listing the “Best Law Schools: Whose 2007 graduates are most likely to be employed as Federal judicial clerks with Article III Federal judges?” The percent of graduates employed in a judicial clerkship by an Article III federal judge is listed incorrectly as 12.5% for New England Law | Boston. The overall percentage of our 2007 graduates who were employed as law clerks is 12.5%, and that figure includes both state and federal clerkships.

After seeing the US News article, we reexamined the data that we submitted to US News in 2008, and we now realize that we inadvertently listed this same percentage (12.5%) for overall clerkships and for federal clerkships on the survey. We have contacted US News and alerted them of this mistake. It appears that the separate question about federal clerkships was new in 2008 and that several other law schools made the same error.

We are extremely proud of the high percentage of our graduates who obtain judicial clerkships and serve state and federal judges. Employment as a judicial clerk is an honorable service, and it provides new law school graduates with a strong foundation for launching a legal career

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