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Friday, January 29, 2010

Using the USAJobs Website

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has redesigned the federal job posting website,, in the hopes of making the site more user-friendly. Changes to the site include more flexibility in refining job search results and updates on the status of a candidate's application. There is also a new search page for student job seekers.

Graduates and students interested in post-graduate employment with the US government should always use USAJobs to find opportunities. To find law related positions, begin with an advanced search and search by series number. The GS-09 series includes all general legal positions including General Attorney (GS-0905), Employee Benefits Law (GS-0958), and Tax Law Specialist (GS-0987). However, candidates should not limit themselves to the general legal series listings when searching for attorney and JD-preferred positions. The GS-12 series includes attorney work in the copyright, patent, and trademark field; and the GS-18 series lists positions in investigation such as FBI Special Agents (GS-1811). A complete list of federal occupation groups by number is available in the USAJobs Info Center.

For a tutorial on how to search and apply for positions on USAJobs visit the site's Info Center and click on "Using USAJobs".

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