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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Power of Networking

The Jobs section of has an article featuring 10 tips for finding a job.Many of the tips highlight one piece of advice you probably hear a lot from the career counselors here in the Career Services Office: network!

"Asking for assistance and advice is the heart of networking, and the single most important thing a person looking for a new job should do. Your next opportunity could come via a tip or chance encounter with a former boss, colleague, neighbor, recruiter, barber, or golf buddy, but you will never hear about it if they don't know you are looking (even passively). You need to be courageous enough to talk to people you meet about what you ultimately want, instead of regretting that you didn't mention it sooner."

The article also encourages job seekers to join professional associations:

"Whether you are currently employed or not, opportunities flow from being around like-minded people and professional associations and communities are where you need to be. They are a great way for uncovering hidden jobs, to further your knowledge and to make new relationships. Investigate which ones are appropriate for you, and join in."

There are a number of bar associations out there that encourage student membership and hold events specifically for law students. Whether you are seeking a summer internship or post-graduate employment, networking is an essential part of job search process and is especially important during these economic times.

For tips and more information on how to network, read the networking section of our handbook!

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